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more help/ideas requested

Thank you all so much for the bridal shower game ideas. They were a great help. Now my next request is this: what are people doing for favors? Because most bridal shower games involve writing things down, I'm going to order "I stole this pen from Holly & Andy's Bridal Shower" pens, but I think I need more than just that. At first I thought edible, but another bridesmaid prefers memorabilia type things. The bride suggested candles or the like. I also need to get some prize style gifts. Luckily I'm an AVON lady, so I should be able to throw something together. Any ideas are welcomed. In the past, I've received a decorated sugar cookie shaped & frosted like a wedding cake, a plant, and I can't remember what else for the other one. Thanks so much in advance! You girls are wonderful (and I even get responses!)! If only the other bridesmaids in this wedding party were so helpful, sigh.
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