wonderspy (wonderspy) wrote in for_bridesmaids,

First, a quick tip: The Target in my area was having a "4 for a dollar" sale on all of their wedding and bridal shower dollar days items. I cleaned up the place. :)

Second, thanks so much papertiger05, kentukybourbon, and sad_frog for the advice. I really appreciate it. I talked with the bridesmaid that I know and we are kinda coming up with party ideas. She suggested a day spa thing, but that's going to leave me in debt. I think we are going to have a little party. I got most of my party stuff at Target. I think I'm going to split the cost with the bridesmaid I know. I feel weird asking the one I don't know, and my friend offered.

Okay, how bad is it to invite people to the bridal shower who aren't invited to the wedding? The wedding is around 50 people right now, and I think I know about 20 people right off the bat that I could invite to the party that know her and would actually like to go. I don't want anyone to feel offended that they didn't get invited to the wedding. Honestly, other than the bridesmaids, I can't think of any girls that the bride is inviting to the wedding.
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