Courtney (papertiger05) wrote in for_bridesmaids,

Hello, anyone here?

Hi ladies! I know this community is a little dead, but hopefully someone will respond because I've got some questions.

First, I'm a grad student, and one of the other students in my program is getting married. I'm co-hosting a bridal shower for her with the other bridesmaid (who also is in our program) for all of the people here in our city who won't be making it back to the wedding. Because it's a lot of broke grad students and such, my co-host specified on the invitation that it's going to be a no-gifts party. The bride had said that that is what she wants. However, IT'S A SHOWER ?!? People have been asking me where the bride is registered anyway, and I sort of want to tell them. Do you think this would be going against the wishes of the other bridesmaid and the bride, or is it okay?

Second, I need some fashion advice! My dress is below, and I'm trying to figure out an appropriate cover up for the reception because it might be chilly. I'd really like to wear a cardigan, but I'm worried that would be too casual. How about an ivory pashmina? Any other ideas?

Thanks for your help!
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